The Germ celebrates “highest traffic Monday” and recalls some good advice

Some months ago (has it really been that long?) viral marketing firm Oddcast CEO Gil Sideman gave me some advice: if you want something to go viral, make it personal.

“It has to be personal. People are more likely to share content that they have personalized. Music that they created, an image that they customized, a message that they helped put together, a video with their face in it.”

Sideman’s advice has rung awfully true today at The Germ, with traffic generated by this morning’s post, “Start-up thinks you could ‘prollie’ be doing more with social media,” breaking this blog’s  previous highest traffic record more than three times over.

Before today, the highest traffic had been generated by a post I wrote in September, “For international shoppers, brands matter as much as prices.” The Germ received a record hundreds of hits when that post went live on September 25–the vast majority Facebook referrals from Poland! (It took me longer than I’d like to admit to recall that I had given the URL to the extremely friendly Polish tourists who were nice enough to let me interview them one evening in SoHo. For a few weeks, The Germ was a relative international hit!)

Sideman’s advice couldn’t have been truer, though for The Germ I might change it ever so slightly: “If you want something to go (relatively) viral, write it about a popular guy who’s a social media whiz.”

Or Polish tourists.


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