New York Times talks love and small business ownership. Again.

“Behind these perfectly imperfect facades, there is often mold on the cheese, wrinkles in the chinos.”

Is the Gray Lady becoming that friend that only wants to talk about relationships?

The tags on “When Couples Divorce But Still Run the Business Together” in Wednesday’s New York Times are “Small Businesses,” “Entrepreneurs,” and “Divorce, Separations and Annulments.” The article appears in the Small Business section, and features a wary-looking couple standing over a desk (they built a law firm together, then divorced.)

In September, “And the Boutique Makes Three” appeared in the Fashion & Style section, and profiled husband and wife entrepreneur teams in Brooklyn. The tags are “Small Businesses,” “Baking and Bakeries,” “Shopping and Retail,” and “Brooklyn.” A couple shot in warm light gaze at each other behind a glass bakery display case.

They are the same article.

Except for one discrepancy. Business partners who are divorced work on their relationship for the benefit of their business. Business partners are are marred work on their business to the detriment of their relationship.

Ultimately, both articles tap into the psychology of being a small business owner, even if neither says anything terribly useful. (Oh look! Another quote about how all they ever talk about anymore is the business! Guess which article it’s from!) The article about divorced co-founders does include some useful advice for entrepreneurs, like creating a formalized partnership agreement whether you’re married or divorced–whatever your situation, get it written down. And ultimately both stress the same fundamentals of business ownership: get ready to sign over your life to making this venture work.

Because however you feel about your partner, you better be truly in love with the business.



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